I'm heavier than ever

I'm about to reach my 6 months in 2 weeks time. And guess what is my weight now?

69.7 kilos~! Well, yes please, round it up to 70.

This is so unbelievable. Especially to know that the baby's weight is only 380g. Probably 400g by now. Where goes the remainder then? Hurmm, nvm, let do the owh-sile-lah-diet worriness next year. All I know now is to feed myself with whatever best for our baby. =)

But due to that extra storage that I'm carrying, my feet start hurting, especially when I walk or stand for a long time. And it's getting worst now, because I just had my intense workout in malls for last three days. *batuk*batuk*

Maybe, I should soak my feet with warm water or aha~! have a foot spa, at least to give my feet a break. +P

But wait.

Tired feet. And empty wallet. Shissshhh~~

Foot spa is not an option. Plus, husband is not around for 4 days, so I can't have him as my next best alternative for a foot massage.

All I have now is: Rendam kaki dalam besen biru lah jawabnya. Huhuhuhuhu~~

: : 21 weeks and getting bigger : :

: : Mommy intense workout, Friday night : :

: : and session continue on Saturday: :

: : Sunday. and more to come till next year. hihihi : :

: : Now I have more to splurge : :

: : Dillot~! See what I have here. Baju tema untuk kelab genies. I loike okeyh~!! : :


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