4 Hari Cuti, 40 Kali Makan

Ssssszzzzrrrrrttttttt.... (bunyi seret kaki masok ofis)...

Or another better word for this: LAZY. Honestly, 4 days off from everything called works has made me extremely lazy and I'm still wondering around, looking for thing to jumpstart my day.

*fingers doesn't seem able to click any alphabet on keyboard*

...still have no ideas on what to update. Sighhh~~


Owh, referring to my "MENU WAJIB MAKAN", husband has successfully fulfilled 7 out 10 items in the list. Such a sweetie lah you... *Smoochh smoochh*.

What else?

Went to Kown's bestfriend's wedding on Sunday and then after, we headed to Kedai-Laksa-Zakaria, Kuala Kedah to fulfill my menu number 5. Still the agenda is Makan-Makan. Owh lupe, congratulations Natasha Adilla & Norman Muhammad. May you guys be blessed with wonderful life ahead and beautiful kids too. :) So, cop mohor halal dah dapat la kan? =P

Came back from Kedah on Monday and continued with more Makan-Makan on Tuesday at The Curve. Huhuhuhuhuhu. Self explanatory note: CHUBBY MUMMY. But I just love this moment of being pregnant. Besides having that extra attention and care from my husband dearie, I also have that special privilege of getting my needs and wants fulfilled. Just as you know, Makan is always part of the list, in fact on top of the rest. So, I had my Box of 6 of Big Apple Donuts and Gloria Jean's Iced Vanilla Latte on Tuesday. *Melepak di Gloria Jean, sambil menikmati Iced Vanilla and mouth-watering creamie chocoholic donut, sambil angin sepoi2 bahasa dari kipas meniup, owh everything was such a bliss~!

Later, we enjoyed our free dinner at Dome as I need to redeem my bean points before the expiry date. *Anyone here with Dome Card? Do you know that they discontinued the loyalty programme, thus you need to redeem your bean points before March. Or April. I can't remember the exact date for that. Great eyh got to end the day with free spicy olio linguine, toffee nut crunch and pink guava? :)

So, in conclusion:

I strongly believed that I have just added few extra pounds on my body weight due to above matter. Now, I am damn scared to even put a step on that weighting scale tho my heart silently speaks and insists my mind to do so. *For the whole 7 months, I only do that 'acara-timbang-berat' during my monthly checkups because I seriously don't have a gut to do it personally at home. Takot kena highblood lalu saket jantung dan pengsan.

Very soon, I may need those Herbalife pack, confinement set, strick confinement plan, plain water, nasi putih ikan kering, BIG NO to icey cold stuff, exercise and all that it takes to bring my body image back to normal condition. Otherwise, there goes the whole wardrobe~!!

But for time being, let me enjoy my pregnant body and my bumpy belly until the baby pops out. Not to mention, my pregnancy weight too. Lets see to what extent will it goes max and I have no doubt that very soon I'll be in same weight with husband ku sayang. Kuikuikuikuikui~~


[1] Sudi kah kira nya kamu2 di bawah meng-invite saya yang kemaruk nak baca blog?


[2] Congratulations Dillot kerane berjaya menghabeskan sisa-sisa MICPA dengan hebatnya. So, tak ada head-cracking lah lepas nih yer?

[3] JT, sile lah kol saye untuk set date makan-makan minum-minum kite. Dan dapat juge saya mengutip anak angkat barista Korea itu. =P

: : Ala2 nak same in size dah nih. Hihihihi : :

: : Coming up next in March~! My bridesmaid and hubby's bestman : :

: : Baby bump start showing. Clearly : :

: : Montage. Gamba Kown zaman muda-mudi. Berat baru 50 kilo. Kuikuikui : :

: : Jakun bila mintak paperbag taruk air, tapi dapat environmental friendly bag ini : :

: : Makan free : :

: : Thank you~! : :


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