Antenatal Class

Speaking of antenatal class, I have just registered my name for that in Pantai Medical Centre. At first, I was contemplating between to-go or not-to-go but later, I found that this class will actually prepare me with everything that I may need from delivery to newborn care. I see it as a good source to equip myself with infos as I'm a zero-based-knowledge-first-time-mother. Eyh, this is not just me, but for the husband as well.

My only problem now is the schedule of the classes as the whole course is divided into 5 sessions and part of it will be held on weekdays. Which I doubt husband will be around in town. Aiyayayayaya. *Does the husband needs to attend each and every of the session? I think I am fine of not having him with me during the breastfeeding talk but not for other sessions where I will need him to come along. I mean helo?? Takkan nak pinjam hasben orang masa prenatal exercise kot? Wajib kena tendang dengan bini dia lepas tu. =P

And the whole course cost us about RM200, quite pricey eyh when you get the free ones elsewhere. But eversince that I planned to deliver my baby in Pantai, I think it's worth to pay the amount as in return, I'll get to know more on Pantai's Baby Friendly policy, pain relief options and tour to labour suite and ward.

Note to self: Hang beli handbag boleh? Bayaq untuk prepare for baby nak kira pulak. =P Nevermind, I'll get the daddy to pay for it. We 'baked' the baby together-gether kan? Hihihihi

So, here's the detail of upcoming antenatal class in Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar.

1st Session
7th FEB 2009 - Saturday (2.00pm - 5.00pm)
- Breastfeeding talk

2nd Session
10th FEB 2009 - Tuesday (7.30pm - 9.30pm)
- Prenatal exercise

3rd Session
14th FEB 2009 - Saturday (2.00pm - 4.30pm)
- Features of newborn & care of newborn

4th Session
16th FEB 2009 - Monday (7.30pm - 9.30pm)
- Pain relief in labour
- Nutrition in motherhood

5th Session
19th FEB 2009 - Thursday (7.30pm - 9.30pm)
- Process of labour
- Tour of labour suite & ward

VENUE: Dewan Pantai, PMC Bangsar
FEE: RM200 per couple
CONTACT: 03-2296 0905 (Sister Elizabeth)

*Dah macam iklan la pulak. =P

Hopefully we both can make it together, otherwise it will only be me, myself and I. Owh, and the little-striker in mummy's tummy *Macam sungguh pathetic to attend the class alone.Huhuhuhu +P Will update more on the course right after the first session on 7th of Feb okies... =)


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