50% Single


I'll be 50% single.

You think it's good? To temporarily be free from your other half?

But not to me. Because that means I have to go for my 4th, eyh no, 5th maternity check up and our first antenatal class alone. Nevermind, I will still go to the first session; on breastfeeding, because I am so determine to bf my baby later.

Hurmm...how sad is that kan? But it seems that I don't have any other choice either. Anyway, he's away for some business affairs and to look on the brighter side, the whole thing is meant for our own good. Our as in the baby and me. Suami kena lah kerja keras mencari duit, and being the wifey, I have to bear with the sour and bitter part of going through the pregnancy routine on my own. Saya independent. Saya tahu itu.

I am not the mushi-mushi type of pregnant lady but there are times when I just need his little bit of attention and yet, that will be the exact time where he needs to be away from home.

Am I whining too much now?

No I am not. In fact I feel grateful to have such a hardworking husband who is so committed to his business, and I envy all the plans that he has prepared for our family ahead and all the efforts he has taken to bring everything into reality. I know that he is working all his might to provide all best for his love ones and I'm glad that I am part of it as well.

Maybe it just about time for me to have this rollercoster emo feelings inside me because I hardly feel this sad through the whole pregnancy days.

All I need now is good books, chocolates and our bed. Only those will heal my monster-inc-emo side of me now...

But don't worry husband, I am always open to what you are up to especially when it comes to your business stuff. You know how open I am kan? Because I know that is our main source of income *mine is secondary, kuikuikuikui and if takda income, takda la henbeg2 baru kan? Ahahaha, okeyh. Just kidding. I'm just trying to rub away the sadness that been nesting in myself lately....

Have a good holidays people~!

I shall head myself to Borders after this. And luckily the baby is here to entertain me with his solid movements and I think he's trying to demonstrate some martial art skills to his mommy now... =)

Owh, and I got this "Carta Pergerakan Bayi" during my checkup at gov.clinic last Monday...so sekarang, baby gerak aje, tanda graph itu.. During 28th week and above, baby should move 10 times in average for a period of 12 hours. And the doctor wants me to count in between 9 am to 9pm, well most of the time I get the 10 boxes all ticked by 4pm. ;)


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