Mothercare Sale~!

Hari-hari check inbox, mengharap email itu akan tibe. Dan akhirnya ia muncil jua hari ini~!

It's fun time~! I'm planning to get the Baby Jungle baby box and top 'n tail box and sterilising tablets and relaxation CD and br* and brie*s and hurmmm, that's a lot man.

*Abang, I know you can see my gorgeous blinking eyes now. And yeah, just forget about the wedding outfit for Amy&Nal's wedding as I would rather spend the $$ on baby's stuff and confinement essentials... =P

Jom Shopping~!

Pay day is just around the corner, and after all the hardworks, I think I deserve a little treat for myself. and the baby who indirectly involves in my everyday bz-ness. =)


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