Sweet Tooth Attack~!

I woke up this morning with craving for something sweety and chocolatey and icey. Yeah I know, it's bad to have anything icey early in the morning, whatmore with ice blended. But I was craving for one very badly and I decided to make a glass of Iced Milo Tabor with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Unfortunately, time didn't permit me to prepare that sinful glass of drink because I was already late for work. I can't afford to be late even a minute or I'll be stuck in mad traffic for hour~! when the journey should only take less than 30 minutes from home to office.

And husband, since you are not around, you are safe this time, otherwise, I would have bug you again for my nafsu-makan-minom.

Anyway, I went to office having this bad feeling of "gile-tak-puas-hati" for not having that sinful chocolatey drink.

But I guess my lucky star and rezeki to satisfy my crazy temptation is always there. My eyes were caught by this large banner displayed in front of San Francisco Coffee near the lobby and owh yes~! they are introducing few new drinks and meals and one of it is Ice Blended Chocolate Cookie and Cream!!

Finally, I managed to satisfy my sweet tooth and I feel great now~! And it's FREE. I used my free drink voucher that I've kept for quite sometime already. Seriously it was just a perfect time to utilise the voucher, because all I have in my purse is less than RM5. Nak beli kopi kosong pun tak lepas. Kuikuikuikui.

: : It was 9 am that time : :

Note to self: Sile makan makanan berkhasiat pada waktu lunch nanti, untuk cover breakfast drink yang tak healthy ini.


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