35 Weeks and Counting...

I am 35 weeks pregnant now and there are few important things that need to be striked out soonest possible. Frankly speaking, I haven't done any proper preparation to welcoming the arrival of our little man. Read my words, I mentioned it "Proper". I know there's a lot of buying have been done since last few months, but the thing is, I haven't washed any of those stuff nor arrange the whole pile accordingly.

The hands me down baby cot is still there in Subang Jaya and yeah, one more, I really need to fix a date to meet Nad and pick up the red-hot-baby-carrier before her baby pops out (which I foresee that very soon) and Peg stroller itself is yet to be assembled.

What else?

Ah ya, still in searching of confinement nanny and babysitter, yet to order that Amway Confinement set and most importantly, to get both baby and my hospital bags ready in place.

Speaking of the hospital bag, I am not sure whether it is too early for me to prepare or am I being too anxious towards the delivery. But it's a bit of relief here as I've bought whatever needed for the hospital bag earlier, it just that no packing is done as yet.

Well, you can't expect your husband to do it for you because you may never know what he will dump into the bag, even in a case of emergency. And trust me, I will not be surprise to find underwired br*, or nighty gown in my hospital bag if Kown is the one incharge of preparing it. Or the adult size towel for the baby use. Or maybe I won't find my toiletries at all, because he himself hardly prepare for one everytime he needs to travel; it's me, the wifey job to ensure everything is ready in place for him. Including boxer.

Yeahh Shila, go and start packing~! I just noticed that my "to-do-list-before-beranak" is way too long and plus, I will never know when the baby might want to pop-out~! What if he really comes early without any single sign of labor? Or at least false labor. Because i haven't experience any and at times, I'm scared that baby will just come into the world without getting mommy ready for it. =P

: : 35 weeks. Perut macam nak jatuh jer? : :

: : Kecik2 dah pandai tongkat dagu. Banyak pikir neh : :

: : Semua orang kata, baby ikut muka Kown. Is that really?? Kecuali forehead tu, jendul luas macam Mama. Hihihihi : :


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