Do you know why I love April so much?

Surely and truly because of my better half and my birthday. And April 2009 will be more meaningful because we both are waiting for the arrival of our little VIP; scheduled to arrive in mid of April. =) But thing is uncertain because April is still few days away and baby could pops out at anytime he likes rite? So I can't actually officially declare that we are April family. =P

So, that's the main highlight of my April this year. Besides having a littleeee bit of increment and bonus in March's salary, hence giving a positive impact to my household economic growth from April onwards. >:)

And to me that is so good as confinement is not one cheap agenda. Confinement nanny could possibly cost us RM500 for 10 days service (assuming RM50 per day), confinement set for RM300, my foodies for about RM200 (definitely have to spare the amount for all the healthy foods for better recovery kan?) and some other matters too. Total? You do the math. Owh and for baby's akikah which is budgeted to hit the number one triple zero. (Murah-murah pun, 2 ekor kambing agak la dekat RM800-900 kan?)

And I have yet to take into account about my slimming program too. Huarghhh huarghhh huarghhh. Mana mungkin I mahu terus berbadan begini. Kang habes baju satu almari tu kena let go. That is totally no way.


Few other events that scheduled to be held in April, just to name one of those: MAKEOVER. Hehehehe. You read me right. MAKEOVER. I have two in plan, one is from Clinique which is a complimentary birthday gift and the other is from Chanel. Will bug the husband to pay for it. Agagagagaga...This will be my second time with Chanel and I have no doubt to do it again because I had a great experience during the first trial with them. And I just love the touch to bit. =)

: : Ini boleh membawa kepada kerosakan poket yang nyata : :

: : At least I get to enjoy this bit of benefit due to big spending in SSF for our wedding last year. : :


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