I will always love Friday...

I got my haircut and another round of spa pedicure yesterday. I wish to have that Peek-A-Boo wash and blow service as well as TheNailShop treatments everyweek, but I know, that is far from possible. And I'm longing for aromatherapy body massage so badly, yet I don't have the gut to try on the pregnancy massage that Urban Retreat has to offer. Nvm, it's not a long way to go anyway before the makcik-urut comes and massage me for 10 days. Soon soon... *Owh I can smell the soothing organic essential oil now...

But many thanks to my professional masseuse for the half and hour free service provided every night, with his own self created massage strokes. And most of the time, I could fall asleep straight away. *Smooch smooch smooch. This is all I can afford to pay. =)

And I can't wait for tomorrow...

Mainly due to,

- 36 weeks check-up (I need to know whether the baby has moved himself much downwards by now)
- Chanel Makeover~!
- Movie time~! None other than Confessions of a Shopaholic. Will have to buy the ticket online to avoid the hassle of long lines.
- Must have: Princess of Iceland and Belgian Waffle with extra-extra ice cream and marshmallow sticks, Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.

What else eyh to do in Pavi? Other than shopping? Well, for once I've decided to spend quality time with Kown tomorrow on thing other than shopping. Yer, agak luar biasa bunyinya.


I've changed my mind not to splurge so much on handbag, FOR NOW. But I bought something else instead. Still melampau juge, but not to that hefty price that MJ or Elvee may cost.

TR. I just bought 7 TR scarves, 2 from LondonDeals and the rest from ThisIsSoFashion and wait, Aida is still in searching for my other 3 requests. Over gile, I know. I mean ok lah kan? Tudung bawal, tudung Ariani and whatnot lagi mahal kan? =P (Ayat kaverline untuk Kown, hihihi....)

So, will keep the balance of uwang-dari-Yang-Di-Atas untuk si kecil ku sayang.... Bile kamu mahu keluar ni.....


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