Owh, I just love my weekend~!

I had a wonderful Saturday as it was really great to spend the whole day with him. From the early morning pregnancy check-up to lunch, free hand spa, Chanel makeover, Confession of Shopaholic and Earth Hour thing in Idamansara. Owh, one more thing left: Chanel vouchers redeemed. Yummeh~!

Kown was all pasrah to accompany and to entertain his wifey for all the girly activities, including watching Ms. Bloomwood in theatre. But while I did the makeover, he did his haircut at Cut Above. So that's fair. =)

And the movie?

From my personal view, the movie was ok as I didn't expect it to be as much the same as the book. I mean, how could it possibly be to shorten everything from the books into one and half hour session, rite? Plus, reading the books with your own imagination will not be the same as seeing it on screen. But for a person who is in counting for her delivery date, this movie was definitely a nice treat.

And I met Aimi. My schoolmate way back in MRSM Jasin. She said, "Wa are now with babies~! Dah tua~!!" Which reminds me that my hari tua is just around the corner.

The only thing that I didn't manage to get is my Pricess of Iceland drink from Chocolate Lounge. Due to my skyrocketing weight gain, doctor has warned me not to consume so much of sugary products and high calories foods. But worry not, my sugar level and high blood pressure is still normal. Phewww~~


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