Lai Lai Lai~!!

Okes, as promised. Stuff to give away. There is a lot actually but I need more time to sort and sift things from the box. So, for time being this is all I have. To LET GO, for FREE. Because I have not been using it for quite sometime and to me, it will be good to let others to have it. Nak buat demo make up ke? Nak bagi anak-anak main masak-masak sambil bermake-up ke. Hihihihi. And I know people love the word FREE. =)

Terms and conditions:
1. First come first serve basis.
2. You can only have ONE item. Lalu sila berlaku jujur dengan diri anda dan jangan tamak haloba.
4. Email me a.s.a.p to for you to grab the item.
3. And kindly bank-in the postage charge as stated. Barang sahaja free ya? =)

These are goodies that I received during events or purchased of make-up stuff. And that was a year back. And ever since its free from me, don't expect it to be in brand new condition okels lovelies?

: : Set 1 - Estee Lauder Vintage Lavender Eye Shadow & Elianto Shimmer Eye Shadow : :

Postage: RM6 Taken~! Wawa

: : Set 2 - MAC Lustre Utterly Frivolous Lipstick : :

Postage: RM6 Taken~! Lina Hilmin

: : Set 3 - Victoria's Secret Very Voluptuous Lip Plumper & Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lip Gloss : :

Postage: RM6 Taken~! Nurul Nadiah

: : Set 4 - Victoria's Secret Slice of Heaven Lipgloss & The Body Shop Cheek Blush Creme : :

Postage: RM6 Taken~! Niza Fauzi

: : Set 5 - The Body Shop Lip Bloom : :

Postage: RM6 Taken~! Kak Rozi

: : Set 6 - Estee Lauder Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara : :

Postage: RM6 Taken~! Nurul Asyikin

: : Set 7 - Bobbi Brown Tea Rose Lip Tint : :

Postage: RM6 Taken~! C.P.M

: : Set 8 - Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Scented Body Lotion : :

Postage: RM10 Taken~! Nadiah

: : SPECIAL to AnasFadilah. Sebab kamu buat nursing cover yang terlalu chomel untuk saya. : :


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