Bloody Hell STREAMYX

I lodged my first report on March 31st, followed by the second on April 2nd, yet nothing being done till today. Each call took about 10 minutes and more to be answered. Lembab macam kura-kura. Reason being? Too many people to entertain. Fine, reason accepted.

I made my third attempt to complain on the 6th of April and purposely called during the wee hour, hoping that they will pick up my call soonest. And too bad, that was to no avail. Waited for 30 minutes and even worst, nobody pick up the line. Lalu Shila bertukar menjadi raksaksa~!!

As for now, the most hated lines for me are:

"Panggilan anda adalah penting buat kami"
Owh really??? You know how many f'ing times do I have to call your so called hot number 100 and do you know how long do I have to wait for each call to be entertained???? 10 minutes and more for each call~!! Dem yuh. Menghabeskan bill tepon ajo. And I made the longest waiting time yesterday morning, 30 minutes!! WTF?? Kata talian bantuan 24 jam??? Or sebenarnya 24 hours of waiting???? Fortunately everything is just over the phone, otherwise you would have got my kuasa penampar for saying, "Cik boleh call balik bila-bila masa jika menghadapi sebarang masalah."

Yes saya memang ada masalah because all my reports lodged are not entertained and infact, nothing being done at all. And my DSL is still blinking. And you guys are giving me 1001 answers possible to that. I DON'T CARE anymore. All i know is I want my Streamyx now~!!

"Harap maaf agen kami tidak dapat menjawab panggilan anda sekarang"
Yeahhh, kalau tak boleh buat perkhidmatan 24 jam, please do not create that promising line talian 24 jam 100!!! Nobody answered okeh??? Saket hati tawuu??

"Panggilan anda akan di layan sebentar lagi"
Sebentar? Kepala ho lagi~! 30 menet of waiting tu sebentar ke? Tau tak masa itu emas? valuable????? Mungkin tak tau, tu pasal service korang macam hampeh.

"Sile tunggu sementara penyambungan dibuat"
Do you think I have so much time in life to spend on waiting for this stupid penyambungan di buat? Yeah i get you. You can't even get people to answer my call, so whatmore to get somebody good to fix this whole streamyx problem, kan? And how sementara is that?

My conclusion now is Streamyx sux. I do not know how about others because well, you might be getting a good one from Streamyx, and I'm just one among the unlucky people to be treated like this by TM.

The moment I skipped my monthly payment by 3 months (on purpose not paying it) which amounting to only RM231, I will definitely get all the red color warning letter for not paying the bills, but do you ever care on how BAD your service is???? That's why I don't bother for not paying the bills and I repeat, I WILL NOT PAY THE BILLS until you get all this thing cleared and done. Since January, boleh kira dengan jari berapa kali sangat dapat guna internet. Tensen okeh?

Do you know how much my life is affected by not having this interet connection at home? Do you know how much I loss from not being able to do any online transactions?? Do you know how much hassle you have created now???

Even if there's anything wrong coming from my side, can't you just send your technician to come and to check whatever needed here??? Tak der staff ke weyyyyy??? But everytime that I called 100, you guys said, "Yer masalah dari pihak kami. Kami akan suruh specialist kami untuk check dan akan kol cik balik lepas semua dah settle"

First, please don't use that word specialist okeh? Because you don't deserve to use one at this rate of service given. Second, how long do I have to wait?? Months???? You said specialist?? STUPID.

And why the DSLLLL is still blinking?????

*Breath in, breath out*

Conclusion: Saya belom beranak. Hanya gangguan internet menyebabkan saya menjadi katak bawah tempurung sekarang. Sekian harap maklum.


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