I hate KTM Komuter!

Be warned that this entry might be sensetive to many of the public transportation users especially for KTM Komuter. Hence, my apologies in advance.

Both my husband and my brother were not free to fetch me last Thursday, so I took Komuter back home; from KL Sentral to Kepong. I said "Finelah sekali je this time naik Komuter and it shouldn't be that bad kan?"

Little did I know that it was really really bad and I regret getting myself stuck in the bad passenger load that day. The trip was a total nightmare to me~! KTM Komuter never improved. Ever. I thought there was a budget allocated to improve this whole public transportation system? (which surely inclusive of this Komuter service) but I personally don't see any big improvements happened right now (except that stupid green line near the railway which NONE of the passenger ever bothered to follow).

I can't really remember when was my last ride on Komuter and that must be years ago (probably during the Uni days because I didn't owned a car back then). After not using it for so many years, I thought the service has improved very much from what it was before.

But sadly to say, NO.

One thing for sure, there is remarkable increase on the passenger load yet the frequency of train is still the same like before. Waiting time is still as slow as it used to be and they still fail to keep up with schedule (and yes, they are making this stupid announcement: "Komuter baru sahaja berlepas dari Stesen Midvalley dan akan tiba dalam masa 7 minit". Sort of lah) But hello?? I don't care even if the Komuter is only 1 minute away because at the end of the day, the coaches are still sardine-packed like mad!

But to some people, they still have to use this service as they don't have any better choice to commute on daily basis. I really hope to see Najib's government serious intervention to really improve this whole problematic Komuter service. After all, its not the technology and infrastructure that matter but the service and public's confidence towards it. Why bother to add more Komuter station when the coaches itself can't really cater for the load?

And STOP giving excuses.

I had a very unpleasent trip that day. Like seriously bad. It was a mad crowd at the platform and people shove in selfishly without considering the need to que or to give way to people. The KTM officers? They just stood over there helplessly, but I don't blame them because it's definitely hard to handle crowd like that (I can't imagine them facing the same thing everyday~!) And the pendatang-pendatang are all air-heads!! Sesungguhnya amat sakit hati tahap dewa melihat mereka menolak warga Malaysia ketepi lalu mereka memasuki gerabak dengan mudah tanpa perlu beratur. Tapi siapa berani lawan? And it makes me wonder in which country I was in actually.

It was a nightmare and from now on, I will try hard not to use Komuter service anymore. By any means will try to get other public transport service and I don't mind to pay a little extra for the sake of comfort and time value.

Hate you KTM Komuter! I really tabik springgg to those who used this service on daily basis because I don't think that I can go through that again. Even with thousand bucks offered to me. Definitely a BIG NO.

Balik rumah terus mandi. Scrub habis satu badan. Geli membayangkan diri ber-sardine-packed dengan warga asing yang tak sedar diri. Euwwwww!!! Somemore with this H1N1 thingy, errghhh, everything was a serious nightmare to me. Maaf, saya bukan mengada but so long I have a choice and able to make for one, I will not opt for KTM Komuter service anymore. Ever. Period.

: : "Makcik takmau naik dah Komuter! Depa dok tolak2, makcik ni dah tua, tak larat...Aihhh laaaa" keluh Makcik Bedah dari Rawang : :

: : "I hate Komuter! The service never improved maaa!! Promise so many things yet nothing improved yet! Uhh, don't want to go on that train again. Ppbbffttt!!" complained Ah Dam the poor Komuter passenger : :

: : "Kerajaan seharusnya memandang serius masalah Komuter ini demi kepentingan rakyat dan perkara ini tidak seharusnya dipandang remeh begitu sahaja!" ujar Ahli Parlimen Titi Gajah Kingdom : :


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