Milk Booster

On milky-milky moo-moo. Again. The production has increased much better than before and my definition of better here is 3oz. I'm a low production factory, hence an increase to that amount is already significant and huge to me. But Adam could be getting more because I noticed that the gulping sounds while he's sucking is much longer than it was before. So banyak la susu dia telan kot? And he can get back to sleep at 3am just by drinking my milk only (unlike before when I have to top-up with 2oz of FM to really satiate him). Not anymore now babes!


My gynea prescribed me with Motilium tablets to help boost my milk supply (tho the pill is actually meant to prevent nausea and vomitting due to other drugs that used to treat Parkinson's disease!) But I only took it twice and I can already feel the effect not long after consuming it. So as to ruin my shirt happily. But I don't dare to take it on a frequent basis because I doubt it will give me some bad effects on later days. Taken when needed, only.

: : Erni, ini dia nursing cover buatan Kedai Chomel. Panjang rupanya anak saya ini. Tengok baby lain yang 2 bulan, elok aje menyorok dalam nursing cover, tapi Adam, abes dia tendang merata. Huhuhuh. Malu Mama dia anak jadi monster dikhalayak ramai : :

Besides, one of my dear blog reader, Kak Azlina has helped to me to buy this pills named Pil Asi:PIL AIR SUSU IBU. Thank you kakak, that was so nice of you to help this poor mommy over here. ;) Jasa mu dikenang selalu. Hihihihi


Thanks to everyone who has sent me an email on this moo-moo issue and my biggest hugs to you for all the valuable tips and endless support eventough we are all strangers by reality and barely know each other. Yet you are all very warm and very nice in giving me advices and tips and some even care to share their own experience with me.

*Hugs hugs*

Saya hanya mampu mendoakan agar Allah memurahkan rezeki and memberkati kehidupan kamu semua. Amin...

Again and again, Adam dapat presents lagi. Kita orang ingatlah kan, sampai birthday tahun depan budak kecik ni tak habis kutip present. Terima kasih kepada pemberi-pemberi hadiah as you guys have officially made my house fully occupied with this little fella stuff.

Eyh, ada lagi, ada lagi...

Tempoh jagaan Adam by my auntie & cousin dilanjutkan lagi. Sampai nak dekat puasa. Uhh, berebut orang nak jaga kamu Adam. Even makcik babysitter tu pun dah tanya, "Bile baby nak duduk sini?" Bagus bagus, semua menunjukkan minat nak menjaga Adam. Semoga Adam Haris sentiasa dalam limpahan kasih sayang semua orang yer.

Thank you Cik Jah & Pakcik Rahim & Su for your superb hospitality and great care and attention to my son. =) Hello people, mana nak cari package termasuk baby spa, mengaji and jalan-jalan kat garden kan? Kadang-kadang, kami siap dapat lauk untuk dinner lagi. Hehehehhe.


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