Mitten Off

My baby is 2 months plus now and I think it's about time for me to take off his mittens for good. After all, most of his mittens now are too small to fit his yummylicious fingers (what a limited space for him to stretch his fingers!). Most importantly, I don't want to affect his motor development and to obstruct his interest in exploring this whole wide world.

I noticed that Adam has started to exercise his fingers and to grab on very lightweight material that I handed to him, like the page of his cloth book. Because with the mittens on, he can't touch and feel anything else but the cotton cloth only. So, it's good actually to take off the mittens as his sense of touch will stimulate his brain for learning and development.


The problem now is: he likes to scratch his face and leaves red marks/lines all over his face (even if the nails are short, the edge of it will still feel sharp). And this is most likely to happen when he is extremely bored or hungry.


He likes to suck his hands and later ended up with saliva all over his face. Extra care need to be taken here as I need to clean off his face regularly to avoid rashes from appearing on his cheeks. And I think he just started to learn a new skill to suckle only on the thumb area and soon to develop on how to do thumb up. Man, now I have to be extra careful and need to observe him on this very closely. Nanti hisap jari lagi susah. Thumb will get damp and smelly easier.


Even worst when he started to korek mata and cried out loud because well, it hurts him so much lah kan? It can be quite scary sometimes.

So how? Should I just let him do all the scratching until he finally finds out that "Owh, ini mata. I shouldn't korek my own mata from now on." And just ignore all the fair share of red marks and lines on his face? Okey lah, sapu cream so it will heal faster...

Definitely pacifier is out from the world's best solution with regard to this matter. We managed to get rid of it for almost 10 weeks now and will stick to it until forever, hopefully. Amin. Tak mahu susah payah fikir 1001 alasan di kala mahu membuang pacifier for good. Or bingit telinga bila pacifier hilang/tertinggal kat mana-mana and baby tak mahu tidok! Hihihih...


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