More Presents for Adam

One big hug to all aunties and uncles for the presents given to Adam *and smoochie kisses too* Most of it from Mama's and Maktok's friends. Kawan Ayah sikit je. Kuikuikuikui....

Now, this little man stuff occupied more than half the room space. How can this small baby owned so many things just in 2 months?

Maktok kata, "Adam pi cari bilik sewa lah. Letak barang2 ni semua" Hihihihi...

So Darling, it seems like you have more than enough clothes, toiletries and toys for the next one year. Eyh, no, I'm not really sure on the clothings as you are already wearing 3-6 and 6-9 month sizes now. =P

Last but not least, I would very much appreciate my darling readers to leave your blog url for me to add in my blogroll (on the navigation bar). Kindly do so yer lovelies? Tak cukup masa nak check satu-satu dekat Haloscan. I know some you selalu drop by my blog and leave comment too, so as a token of appreciation, I would like to link you guys in here (and I can visit yours too~!)

Thank you in advance. =)

: : Ha, ini kawan Ayah bagi. Heheheh : :


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