New Blog Look!

Hola!! Hola!!

*Extra freshness added to the blog now*

So, what do you think on this new vibrant look? I think everything here is just so me and it appears just like I always wanted. =)

*Ada sikit like blog cikgu tadika pulak rasa. Hehehehe...

Regarding the illustration, I thought of putting a picture of mommy & her baby on the header, but come to think of it, baby would just grow in a blink of eyes and later the picture might not be that relevant anymore. So I decided on mommy and her little monster toddler. =P

Uuuu yeahhh!! I just love this whole thing here. Sorry that I get carried away with my own blog. Hihihihihi...

So, my biggest and very special thanks goes to Zoe, my blog designer all the way there in States, for this great new look on my blog. See how internet connect us nowdays? World is now borderless~! Thanks very much for the help and it was very nice working with you. Two words for her: superb and efficient. I'm glad that stumbled upon Chic & Sassy Designs Blogspot. =)

Need I say more?

P/S: This is not 100% complete yet, as there are few minor things that need to be editted (that navigation bar, about me column & etc) and will do that once I am free from works. ;)


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