Smiling and Talking to Your Baby

You may notice your baby making fleeting-smile expression in his few weeks of life, some even made in the very first day itself, just like my baby...Definitely that smile didn't bring any emotional significant and probably he was playing with his face muscles that time.

According to my readings, baby's first proper smile normally be at about 6 weeks but nobody actually quite certain when they will begin to smile. Checked on Adam!

I love seeing his face all light up and most of the time, the smile gets bigger and brighter when I smile back to him. And my heart melts the moment I look into his eyes, full of delights and shines...

I love spending time talking to my baby too. I take every chance that I have to communicate with him on one to one basis. Well, most of the time during night times, nappy changes and bath times. Because Mama is working during the day Adam...I don't care how much he understands on things that I said, but I know with every different tones, expressions and gestures, he will definitely learn and soon understand what I mean.

At least this is good for this language development and most importantly, we get to spend our quality time together.

Talking to baby is not easy as what you may think. I mean, you can just continue talking on and on but you may or may not keep the baby still to listen. So in here, eye contact plays a vital role especially to convey the meaning of what you have said to the baby.

Adam normally replies me with his vowel sounds like "ahhh" "ehhh" "ohhh" and sometimes he even made this cute facial expressions as if he was saying, "Aah, yes Mama, I am totally agreed with that". Or sometimes he may just curl up or stretch and make his serious looking face and say, "Sorry Mama, I beg to differ!"...Sort of lah.

So, here are few tips that I copied from about talking to your baby:

1. Look at your baby's eyes while you are talking to her.
2. Call your baby by her name.
3. Keep your talk simple. Say "pretty baby." Use the words "mommy" and "daddy" when you talk to her.
4. Watch for your baby's expressions and listen to her sounds. Make these same sounds and facial expressions back to her.
5. Add gestures to your talk. Like bye-bye and such.
6. Ask your baby questions. Ask the questions even though she can't answer.
7. Talk about what you are doing. As you dress, bathe and change your baby, talk about what you're doing.
8. Read to your baby. Babies love nursery rhymes and poems. You can even use a lively voice and read your favorite magazine or book to her. If you can, use books with stories that include a baby, a rattle or other common things.
9. Sing to your baby. It is important while she begins to learn language skills.
10. Watch for signals from your baby when you are talking to her. If she is smiling and keeping eye contact, she is saying she wants you to keep on talking.

Last but not least, below are Adam pictures when I was talking to him last night... =) He's my happy baby, my cheeky sweetheart...

Adam pagi tadi. He gave me his cheeky smile when I was about to kiss him goodbye. Alalalalala....hati banyak berat mahu tinggal Adam Haris. Tapi tak boleh, Mama have to work Sayang, nanti takde duhits pulak nak ukur malls kan? Hihihihi....


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