Open Mic Night, Gloria Jean' Mont Kiara

I just opened my mail and found this in my inbox. An email from my cousin.

Dear All,

Assalamualaikum and halooooooo...

Here's hoping that everyone is well. I write to mempromosikan the latest most hip event at 'Kedai Kopi Suamiku' aka Gloria Jean's Mont Kiara.

Every WEDNESDAY night, we now have our Open Mic sessions where we feature aspiring artists, closet and shower singers and practically anyone who's interested in having a chill out session with friends.

You're therefore cordially invited to join us tomorrow night from 7- 10pm at Gloria Jean's Mont Kiara. For those who would like to sing a song or two, please do give me a call at 012-3295380 as soon as possible so I can slot you in the programme.

Do come and join us! For directions and further information, attached herewith is the event flyer.

Hope to see you soon!

Itu tandanya malam esok nak kena pergi berfoyes-foyes sebelom kembali berkhidmat di Menara TM. *Dem* Apa kamu fikir itu posibel kalau hari Kames kena kerja? Imposibel you know. Kown taperlah, dia kerja timing suka hati. =P


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