The day I hit the mall

Finally, after being grounded for 44 boring days, I am now back on feet. Now I know why we need to appreciate the word FREEDOM. ;)

When most women running for ice or 10 pages list of most wanted foods immediately after confinement end, I hit the shops for my long awaited retail therapy. And the good things are: I stayed focus and sticked to only TWO shops (F21 & Dorothy Perkins) that I planned to step in AND the event was supported by MiKown Scotfield. You must be wondering why only two shops when I have all day to spend in mall? Because my current size doesn't allow to and I just don't want to get frustrated not being able to fit any shirts or any pants in TopShop, or Zara, or NafNaf, or MNG and on. =P

Hopefully, my ganti-puasa-marathon will help to reduce the extra-extra inches all over me. Seriously I don't mind the kilos. I am more than fine if I can fit my old jeans but still weighing at 65 kg. I mean, people doesn't know your weight right? The only thing that they know is what the eyes see. Either slim or fat.

It was an electric excitement when I first enter F21 in Queensbay Mall. It was so huge, with wide range of selection and lines of absolute bargains, from small accessories to blouses and jeans. So I went bonkers when looking at the price. Beautiful piece of necklace that was initially priced at RM69 is slashed to only RM12?? And bangles set for only RM7?? Juling mata woh. That immediately triggered my mind that I need to start accessorizing myself. Dan dan lah kan. Kuikuikuikui. And Kown, "Ni apa dia nak pakai segala mak nenek merga neh?" Well, of course it was quite a surprise to him because I never bought any before. Takper la, orang baru nak buat testing one two three ni. =P On top of that, I also bought few pairs of office pants from Dorothy Perkins and lucky me that all was on 50% discount. What a great bargain!

And successfully grabbed few pieces of clothes for Adam! I didn't expect my quick visit to Brands Outlet led me to a great finding. Mothercare crib shoes, OshKosh jeans and overall and Timberland shirt all at discount and surprisingly, the tag remain intact. (Sudah lah murah, tag pulak masih elok ala-ala beli kat boutique gitu) Jadilah kan? Untuk anak teruna yang membesar sekelip mata nih, hihihihi. So mothers, go grab yours at Brands Outlet, Queensbay Mall. Hihihihi.

So there goes my salary *gasp!*

Last but not least, pakej kehenseman Adam nak pakai masa raya dah sampai. Hihihihi. Thank you KJ from June-Miller for your great service and for the fridge magnet too! Hari tu beli TR from ThisIsSoFashion dapat London fridge magnet, hari ni from June-Miller, dapat Florida FM pulak. I loikeee babe~!

: : Tak sabo dah mak dia : :

: : Testing testing : :


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