Balik Kedah, Ooooooo, Balik Kedahhhh~!!

Yer betul.

Kami akan pulang ke Titi Gajah Kingdom. Tok Ketua nak balik melawat kawasan dengan Tuan Kecik.

So, here comes another round of packing. Again. *Whining*


I just DON'T KNOW how to travel lite. Like really DON'T KNOW how to eliminate those bags and stash everything into ONE bag. Only. *Do parents try too hard to actually meet and maintain baby's needs, everytime and everywhere?* Because well, I'm just done on packing - repacking times ten.

I have a checklist here with me, item numbering from one to twenty one? *Kamu angkut satu almari Adam kah?* and seriously no way to slash even one item from the list. So I packed practically everything he needs in the diaper bagS. Plural itu, bukan singular.

Well, let's see what I have here in the list:

Adam's Top 15 Essentials for the Diaper Bag 1
1. Disposable diapers - 30pcs
2. Napkins - 4
3. Baby wipes, cotton balls, tissue papers and cotton buds
4. Burp cloths - 5
5. Blanket - 2
6. Onesies - 4
7. Sleepwears - 4
8. Shirt & short pants - 3
9. Towel - 1
10. Mittens and booties (to prevent from scratching during nightime)
11. Plastic bags (to dispose diapers) & ziplock
12. Medical kit - Paracetamol, Iliadin nasal drop, Sterimar nasal spray, Simple moisturiser, Ezerra, Bepanthen, Proctopic ointment, thermometer, nasal aspirator, syringe, nail clipper.
13. Toys & book
14. Buku Yassin
15. Changing mat

Bag no.2
(be thankful to God if you are a full breasfeeding mommy as you can safely skip this part. Sadly, it does not happening to me)
1. Thermos bottle
2. Big bottle of drinking water
3. Tin of Isomil
4. Baby bottles - 5
5. Pigeon liquid cleanser
6. Brush

Last but not least, travel mattress set and stroller.

Huh, macam nak pindah rumah lah kan?


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