Chocolates Giveaway~!!

We are back! But not really on feet especially Adam. Aih, bagemana harus ku bikin dengan eczema si kecil ini? Enfalac pangkah dah. Isomil doesn't seem helping either. Need to see his paed and dermatologist today.

I have yet to update the whole chapter of our cuti cuti malaysia with thousand (about lah) of pictures residing in my Leica's camera memory stick now. Promise I will do it once I really have time to blog on it. I am more than happy to share on every bit of it, especially on how we managed to do the nappy changing in The Loft, but time is my biggest constraint now. Mencabar sungguh okeh.

I didn't do much Cik Bedah shopping (pinggan mangkuk periuk belanga stuff) but I did go crazy over chocolates. Excuse me on that. Udah semuanya belas2 kan, nak buat macam mana. =P

And listen babes!

I'm having a lucky draw here. I have four set of chocolates to giveaway and take it as my token of appreciation for you guys who have been reading my blog all this while. *I love you readers!* As well as I'm sharing a portion of my Nuffnang income in a way that I bought these chocolates. (Nanti duit dapat lagi, saya buat ektiviti lain pulak ok?)

All you need to do:

1. Make an entry in your blog, saying "
Shila, I want the chocolate".
2. Link me on my name: Shila
3. Leave your blog link and email here.

Chocolates Giveaway will be closed on Friday, 7th August 2009, 12.00pm.

Nanti saya guna randam number generator untuk cabutan bertuah ini. ;)

: : Grand prize Set 1 - Farell's Chocolate : :

: : Set 2 - Box of Cadbury Chocs & FM : :

: : Set 2 - Pack of Hershey's Miniatures & FM : :

: : Ini khas untuk anak-anak kecil kamu - Set 4 - Kain pelikat kalerful & M&M : :
Selamat mencuba~! =)

Closed Sudah~~


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