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Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.
A: Hello blogger mommies~! I'm Shila: Kown's happy wife, Adam's proud mama. I love handbags, reading, dining out and going on vacation. I just recently found that "shopping" is no longer my middle name because well, baby comes first and top priority goes to him now. So every single cent does count. *Tidak lah dapat ber-foya-foya mahupun ber-hora-hora seperti dahulu kala...*

Q: How did you first discover blogging? When did you start? Why do you blog?
A: I can't really remember what really makes me a blogger but trend could be one of the reasons. I just want to own one like everybody else back then. I started blogging officially on 13th March 2005 and my first entry was about my former classmates in MRSM Jasin. *Wow, that 4 years already* No wonder lah tak perasan, because I've never celebrated this blog birthday. Kesian blog ini....

Q: Is this your original blog that you started with? If so, have you made any changes since you began? What types of changes?
A: No, this is not the first blogging platform that I started with. It was blogdrive before I decided to move to blogspot. Previously it was, so basically the name remains the same except the platform.

In term of layout, yes I made few minor changes on my own (background, header, sidebar, signature & few more) until I decided to hire Chic & Sassy Designs to custom made ShilaShower's blog layout, which is the current one right now. Everything is just so me. =) One thing that has never changed throughout my blogging years is my two column layout as I prefer to keep it simple this way.

Q: What blogging platform are you using (eg: Blogspot, Wordpress, TypePad etc)? Why do you choose this platform?
A: Blogspot. I found that Blogspot can do more than my previous Blogdrive. Wonderful widgets, great tips and tricks as well as easy understanding on html thingy. Especially to a person who graduated in Accounting who has very minimal knowledge on html coding, just like me.

Q: Do you consider blogging your hobby or a business? If it’s a hobby, do you ever think of ways to make money from your blog?
A: I started from nothing to hobby and later business. So, I considered both. And yes, I make money through blogging and needless to say, from my darling Nuffnang. *Bab duit, darling terus dengan Nuffnang* Passive income lah macam tu. At first, I thought it was a scam site but I decided to just give a try eventhough I felt very suspicious that time. No, it was not when I finally got to see my very first check and to cash my online earning. Obviously you can place as many ads as you want, but for me, I prefer to stick with Nuffnang and to stay as Glitterati Member.

Q: How often do you blog and why?
A: Almost everyday? Seriously, I don't have any reasons to that. Still, there are times when I went missing, say for a week, probably due to mounting works at work and home. *Sungguh ker kerja banyak neh?* Or maybe I just don't have any good thing to say and share for that moment.

Q: Do you think blogging communities or social networking communities like MomBloggersPlanet are important for bloggers? Why?
A: Yes, saya-yakin-betul, YES. Because these communities actually connect the bloggers together. You get to know what is happening in the world right now, you get to share tips/ideas/opinions as well as maintaining a healthy state of your social life. Tidaklah confine dalam dunia sendiri, tau-tau dah mati kesangapan. =P

Q: Does the term 'mom blogger' bother you? Why or why not?
A: No, it does not. Why should I? It's a multitasking tuh. Mommy-wifey-employee-blogger-businesswoman all move together. *Nak kena lempang dengan bos jap gi neh*

Q: What’s your advice for moms who want to learn more about blogging or start blogging?
A: Learn more about blogging? Go Google. I googled practically everything that I need/want to know.

Start blogging? Write whatever you feel like writing but please be sensetive to the world that you are living in. And sesungguhnya, I have no problem to read those blogs with huruf-besar-huruf-kecik-warna-warni font aBcDeFg and design. What most important to me is the content. *Kaler-kaler meriah apa* Kamonnnn, please don't be too serious in life. ;)

Q: Do you think there’s a special talent needed to become a blogger?
A: Nope. Blogging can start at zero and remember, big thing starts small. You probably nobody at first but moving on as you developed your own writing skill, it is not impossible to turn yourself into one famous blogger one day.

Q: What types of blogs do you read regularly? What kind of information do you seek from bloggers?
A: Reading went different ways. From girly-gerdix-blogs to mari-kawen-kawen blogs to mommyhood blogs. The only one that stays in list is shopaholic type. Hahahahha. And information seek goes the same as my reading preference.

Or should I say less of information seeking but more to being bizibodi about others life? *Ala-ala mami jarum, pengetahuan am kurang kalau satu hari tak menyebok dekat blog-blog kegemaran, hihihihi*

For all the above, Thank You MomBloggerPlanet~!


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