Cek nak pakai baju pesennn

I'm over the moon now~! Because I fit into my old baju kurung again. =)

And this is my over the moon face. *Tho still pretty soggy around tummy area, but I'm happy as I'm wearing my size 1 baju kurung that I bought 3 years ago*

Excuse me for the same aku-amat-teruja-menjadi-kurus-sikit entry. But I really do. I'm amazed by my good progress and happy that my husband finally noticed the wah-bini-aku-dah-kurus-rupanya. *Tahukah bahawa dorongan suami itu adalah semangat terhebat?* Life is so exciting now and owh, did I mentioned that I managed to take off another 1.5 inch from my evening dress? Baru tempah last week, this week kena alter kecikkan sikit. Hihihihi.

Sorry boys and girl, ladies and gentlemen, this Mama over here couldn't help herself for not being excited over this kurus issue.

I'm amazed by a lot of things. Amazed by how much my body has changed within 7 weeks, amazed by the moved on my size from 18 to 14, amazed on how my endless cravings over foods has decreased, basically I'm amazed by the good progress I made. *Happy dancing*

I don't have great tips to share at the moment *because my definition of success is when I get to fit into my old Levis 29 jeans again* but below are things that I'm currently doing in order to achieve my target:

1. Control my carbo intake and strictly no chocolate, no doughnut, no ice cream for now. *I love eating, hence this was my biggest challenge before, but not anymore now as I managed to control my desire over foods with a little help from USANA*
2. I didn't do much exercise, except mall walking for hours. Hihihi. Heyy, it's a great way to keep us moving tau.
3. I take Nutrimeal + Fibergy for breakfast and kadang-kadang for dinner. No heavy meal after 7pm.
4. Drink plenty of water.
5. Have enough will power to slim down. =) *Telinga sudah mahu pekak bila orang kata saya gemok macam anak sepuluh* Bluerghhh!

So, that's my 2 cents and I'll keep you update on my progress from time to time ;)

With that, enjoy my gambar-teruja-melampau in my baju kurung at kenduri attended today. =)

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