Antara public dan private schools

Adam is only 10 months young and I have started to think of which school to register him in. For one obvious reason because we need to plan and to SAVE. Read the bold word, SAVE. Our kid(s) education isn't a cheap affair nowadays and it's normal for us to give whatever best to our children.

Because I was so damn bored in the office *wahahaa, statement berani mati, terus dapat KPI negative, jangan main-main, sini ada reporter tawu*, I googled for info on private schools in Malaysia. No, not that I'm planing to enroll my kid(s) to any of those super-freaking-expensive schools but I just wanted to know what is this private school has to offer? Unless if one day, my husband becomes a filthy rich man, Tan Sri ke, Datuk ke, and he has millions in his bank, then why not? Of course he won't mind splurging at least RM15k for a standard 1 school fees kan? *eyh, kalau Kown jadi Tan Sri, I jadi Puan Sri ShilaShower lah! Puan Sri who blogs!* Ok, ok sile serius.

Personally, I'm not all for private schools eventhough with all the sofisticated classroom, Olympic size swimming pools, high tech laboratories, cookery room, sewing room, Delifrance canteen and bla bla bla because of I'm worried about the personality issue.

So imagine, going to a private school and being friends with children from high-end society, luxuries is just no stop and no end. What ever the kids have in their life is nothing less than 5 stars; latest gadgets on earth, designer wears, overseas trips and etc. *Apa barang cuti nak pi Port Dickson je kan?* Even if we are super-kaya-tatau-dah-duit-nak-buang-mana, I'm not going to give everything that my kids ask for, because I didn't get to enjoy all that when I was a kid!

I have cousins, niece and nephew who gets to enjoy Apple gadgets, MacBook, latest handphone, Chopard jewelery! when they are just a primary school kids! *Jeles makcik kamu nih* Kids nowadays, begitulah untungnya mereka. I think the most high tech gadget that I ever had when I was in primary school was Game Tetris. *Tau tak? Yang RM20 masa tu and it was already mati-lah-mahal-gile-sila-jaga-baik-baik* And I have to score 90% in every subject to get that RM20 tetris game battery AA operated.

Kown said, "Our kids will get nothing more than what we had when we were at the same age" He means whatever equivalent lah macam tu. And talking about self-esteem, I believed there will always be a different when let say:

Adam goes to private school in a Honda when many others come in chauffeured luxury cars,


Adam goes to Sek Rendah Titi Gajah in Honda when the rest of his schoolmates kayuh gerek or jalan kaki.

The former one will cause this lack of self-esteem and inferiority issue, betul tak? Malu kereta bapak I kecik when it is actually a RM100k over value car, tapi orang lain lagi juta-juta lemon mahalnya kereta mereka. Between, it's easy for you to please your kid with just pensel-kaler-LUNA-36-batang when they go to public school compared to iPod Nano when they go to private school. *Well, this might not be applicable to all parents who sends their kids to private school, tapi memang ada yang macam tu kan?* Because I saw my 7 years old niece requesting for a handphone on her very first day of school. Not just a stupid old timer handphone, but the one with 3G, MP3 player, bluetooth and whatnot because the rest of her friends have it one.

And recently her brother just got his new iPhone and proudly showed off to me. So I said, "Kak Shila pun adalah! But mine in pink casing" *and I pun sama bangga tayang my iPhone* Know what he said to me? "Kak Shila, is this fake or ori??" I was like, what??? A standard one kid is questioning on my iPhone originality?? *tskkk, rasa kecilnya dunia haku seminit* Eyh, I memang pangkat makcik, but insist to be called Kak Shila. Bahahahaha. Makcik sounds tua. =P

Kown always want to send our kids to public school for all the joy and thrill that the school has for them to explore and to experience. I remember he told me that, "Adam kalau sekolah Titi Gajah mesti hot stuff. Putih, hensem, bijak, stailo, dimples, cleft chin, tak ramai anak melayu Titi Gajah macam ni" Boleh ke? Dan kenapa kena sekolah Titi Gajah??

Personally, I think it's better for my kids to be the big fish in a small pond than to be the small fish in a big pond, takut the latter one semput nak survive. Hihihihi

Calon SRJK(C) Desa Jaya, Mr.Fei Mau. Hiihihihi


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