Yee Sang Dinner

A Malay family enjoying their Yee Sang dinner on Thaipusam night.

Dinner 1 Malaysia!

We had our Yee Sang dinner in Kelab Darul Ehsan and thank you Cik Jah & family for this awesome treat! Semoga prosperity terus berganda so that we can have another Yee Sang next year. Hihihihihi :)

Everyone made a toss with great enthusiasm, hoping and wishing for a year full of prosper and happiness ahead. It is said that you need to toss the Yee Sang as higher as possible while reciting for the abundance of prosperity, as it symbolise an increase in your wealth.

But heh, I had my dishes without chopsticks, a skill that I have yet to master. Countless of practices done, still, chances are higher that food will land outside the plate instead into my mouth. Mungkin jari sudah keras. Tsk....

Nevertheless, I still joined the tossing *ker trashing?* of Yee Sang using that pair of chopsticks and managed to scoop this fine strips food onto my plate. So 10 marks for this! *self recognition okeh*

It's a great dish anyway as it brings families together tho you might end up with little bit of mess on the table. =P

Cousins :)

Jet Li & Michelle Yeoh in their Lala-Land :)

Rombongan Cik Kiah ke Sukan Komanwel Yee Sang dinner =P

Jet Li enjoying his teething biscuit!

My prosperity berganda!


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