Nuffnang MY Finance to me

Dear blogger,

Good news! Your cashout of RM XXXX.XX has just been marked as 'Sent' in our system, meaning the cheque is on its way. If you do not get your cheque within one month, kindly notify us, as cheques are only valid up to six months. All our cheques are sent via HSBC's Cheque Outsourcing Service in which after a year, all unclaimed cheques will be sent to Bank Negara. Claiming cheques from Bank Negara may incur administrative costs.

For queries or clarifications please write to our Helpdesk at Thank you.

[This is a computer generated email, please do not reply]


Sesuatu yang menggembirakan itu telah tiba! Okeh macam lah tak pernah dapat cheque, tapi yang ini lain. Sobab ponat den kumpul ni ha...Hihihihihi.

Ada jugak bajet sikit, bulih buek beli hadiah cabutan bertuah sempena besday blog yang ke-lima, yer dak?? =P


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