Why crawl when you can walk?

Adam Haris sudah 11 bulan sekarang.

No sign of crawling at all. *Setakat tonggek bum-bum adolah..*


Dia berdiri terus!

Again, I under estimated his energy when I thought he couldn't do it by himself. I under estimated his skill to do so because he is not crawling, not even close to that! But now, he would find anything that could pull himself up.

Last few days, I saw him pulling himself up with his arms and gosh, I was amazed! Not just that because he even tried to cruise along the furniture. Hurmm, probably he will just skip crawling and go right to walking. Agaknya lah kot. Kaki ado, buek apo merangkak-rangkak kan? Jalan ajo lah! =P

The whole point now, it does not matter if one baby starts doing something before my son because to me, it means nothing. I believed that when my baby is ready for something, he will just show it.

*So, shuhhhh, stop asking and comparing mine to yours*


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