Bienvenue En France! Part 2

Shopping in La Vallee Village!

Adik beradik Bicester Village (London), Wertheim Village (Frankfurt), Fidenza Village (Milan) and more.

But if anyone ask me whether is it worth paying a visit to La Vallee Village, my answer is "I don't know". Because I haven't been to any other villages either. =P As for us, we decided to have a stop because it's just so near to Euro Disney. After all, it gave us the chance to have a close look over hundreds of designer stuff in more relax setting than those boutiques in Pavilion or KLCC and such. *KLCC tu, belum pegang barang depa dah pandang atas bawah. Hampeh!*

There are few luxury designer items *very much on handbags, purses and blouses* that are pretty and nice and come in not so expensive price tag as compared to ones in Malaysia. If I'm not mistaken, Tod's camel leather tri fold wallet is about 170 Euro. That's about RM650 considering current low Euro rate and after claiming back your VAT. =P

The only one thing that makes me go WOWWWIIIEEE!! and wish to come back again is Villeroy & Boch outlet! Imagine the price for one dinner plate is only 15 Euro?? The finest one pun dalam 20 Euro! It's Villeroy & Boch wohhh!! Mau lima enam ribu the whole dining set dekat Malaysia nih. Unfortunately, we were flying with whole lot of Adam Haris stuff and definitely not in capacity to bring back any of those luxury dining set. Tak apa, mak kumpul duit nanti kembali lagi. =P Kalau beli jugak, probably tragedy overweight Melbourne akan berulang. Ekekekekekke. Itu case borong Corelle secara melampau.

Anyway, I didn't go home empty handed. I bought few pieces of boy collar shirts from Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Ralph Lauren due to its unbelievable cheap price. 10 euro for each. Terus mak saukkk nokkss, nak tutup mata buat taktau pun tak boleyyy. Naklah bagi anak teruna I nampak hensem kacak bergayakan? Nothing much for me as I was eyeing for something else in 101 Avenue Des Champs-Elysees! Tehehehehhehe...


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