Has this happened to you mommies?

I'm a drama mama, I know. +P

It happened sometime last week when we decided to go for a weekend date and leave our baby son in my parents' care. For only ONE day, tak apa lah kot. Unfortunately, all the long gone activities that we wanted to do didn't happen as planned. No movie, no fine dining, no coffee cake session whatsoever.

We were almost into Jalan Kuching from Kepong, when I suddenly broke into tears. *Habes maskara semua* Huhuhuhu...I told my husband to turn back as I wanted to bring our baby along. Hah, drama ker tak tuh?

You know why?

Because I saw a happy boy clapping his hands excitedly as he thought that he would be following us "to-go-car" but he was not. And I heard him cried in frustration sebab tak dapat ikut!

I tried my hard not to remember the scene and to proceed with whatever that we have planned for earlier, but I failed. I just want us to be three. We can always plan for a date next time, but we can't buy hours to spend with Adam Haris.

For his entire one year one month of life, he has been spending his weekdays mostly with my parents and obviously having so little time with us; the parents. *Makan, mandi, main semua with Maktok & Tokwan and time Mama & Ayah balik, Adam pun dah tidur* As for me, I'll do whatever it takes to ensure that we spend a quality time with Adam even for a short 5 minutes to lull him to sleep.

Anyway, all above is normal for a person called MAMA kan? ;)

P/S: At least I'm lucky that he is under my parents' care. Kalau dengan bibik?? Wahhh, nangis sekarang jugekkk!! Boleh bikin jiwa kacau!

Cinta hati yang bisa menggegar jiwa ;)


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