Cash vouchers are always a good gift

We just got a RM250 worth cash vouchers from Parkson. :) At first, we decided to use the vouchers to buy new car seat for baby no.2 and since Parkson is having its midyear sale, we don't have to pay so much for another car seat lah kan?

But after giving much thought, I told my husband that I want to keep it for other purchase which I guaranteed the items will last a lifetime. Car seat at most 4-5 tahun aje kan jangka hayat? =P Rest assure, the vouchers that we received will be put to good use.

So he asked me what is the thing then?

Hehehehehe. Here it is.

WMF 6-pc cookware set!

Why not if we use the vouchers to reduce the amount that to be paid because well, the price for the set is much more than my Neverfull bag. Huhuhuhu, okeh mahal saya tahu tapi mahu jugak. If I'm not mistaken, sometime early this year, the set was on promotion for RM999 ke macam tu kot? So promotion plus vouchers, hard cash to be paid kuranglah kononnya. +P

As expected, he was shocked by the hefty price tag for a cookware set.

"Seribu lebih, nuuu dekat Padang Besaq habaq mai, segala tok nenek periuk belanga kenduri kawen gulai kawah boleh beli"


Sorry, no, I want this. WMF. I don't mind not getting any new handbags for next few year *eyh ye ke?* but I will definitely buy this cookware set latest by May 2011 *because vouchers expire on May 2011, hihihii* This is one of my must have things in life, so whatever it is, I want this shiny versatile set to be part of my kitchen next year. So full stop.

Anyway, after much debate saying that this cookware is made from best stainless steel, unsusceptible to scratches and will always look good even if used insentively and bla bla bla, my husband finally agreed to me. *Hihihihihihi. Bab beli-beli saya memang gila kuasa*

"Ha lah, WMF jugaklah yang terbaikkan? OK, nanti kita beli periuk WORLD MASAK FEDERATION tu naaa. Kalau tak masak nanti, siap!"

WMF? World Masak Federation???


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