Back to number crunching

I have moved to another division effectively yesterday (1st June 2010) and all that I wanted to say here, "Thank you boss for offering me this place". I'm happy with my new position and promise that I will make full use of this precious opportunity to ensure my career grows and excels in future.

After a while we just need to move and to look for something new, aren't we? :)

Hurmmm, I think I work better with numbers than those critical thinking stuff. I'm bad at handling projects as I'm always clueless at that. I don't like something that is unmeasurable hence a project on efficiency or effectiveness whatsoever didn't do any good to me.

So, back to where I came from, I'm a number cruncher now. *looking for my long lost calculator* I haven't work with numbers and calculator for 3 years and now, I'm starting everything all fresh again. I had done accountancy during my uni days and graduated the course with flying colors *perasan! tapi biarlah* Yet to complete my professional course *MICPA* with only ONE paper left, but I don't see that I'm moving anywhere close to that. Perancangan nak sambung master adalah. Hihihihih. *Mesti Dillot genius nak sumpah I skarang* +P

So, yeah that's about it. Back to enjoy the thrill of reconciling figures and cracking head to smack 50 pages thick file into one page.

Many of my friends said, "kau nak pergi bunuh diri ke buat reporting??"

My only answer, "I better kill myself first before anyone else kills me". At least I'm proving that choosing a new career path is never a mistake! Adakah patut bila ada orang cakap, "kita makan gaji, sepatutnya tak boleh pilih-pilih. terima saja apa kerja kita."

Terima?? Silekan, but not me. After 3 years of doing something dry and dull and even worst, not a value added kind of thing, I definitely have a right to choose what's next best for my career. And owh, please take note than I'm a not a PMR level school leaver. Thank you so much, babai.


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