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Hey-ho! I'm 30 weeks pregnant and it's time for me to take a look on baby checklist as to finalize on things to buy and things to "hands-me-down". Most of Adam's clothes are guaranteed to be in a perfect condition and for that, we only need to buy few more things to complete the list.

Come to think of it, it's good you know to spend a little bit extra on quality stuff because it will still be in good condition even after heavy usage. As for us, stroller, car seat, sterilizer, breast pump, rocking chair and bedding set are among the best purchase that we made for Adam. So comes our second addition, we don't have to worry on having to buy those expensive items all over again.

Maybe in two weeks time, I may need to start washing Adik's clothes so that I will have ample time to do the ironing-folding-arranging works later. Because if I wait till August, it will be a fasting month and I bet that I will be all sore and tired to even fold a cloth. +P

So, here is the baby checklist that I used for my reference. To first time mommies out there, this could be your guidance too but please bear in mind that you don't need to buy the entire things stated in the list. Agak-agak logik saja lah. =P


  • Steriliser (mine is Avent and memang berbaloi-baloi!)
  • Feeding Bottles & Teats (also from Avent but am not that particular on BPA bagai. Ramai lagi orang pakai botol cap Warta, selamat je pun anak depa)
  • Teat & Bottle Brush (brand Tupperware punya best)
  • Pacifier & Pacifier Holder (Seluruh kaum kerabat mengharamkannya. It's a big NO to us)
  • Drying Rack / Organiser (Beli tapi tak guna sbb tak bertutup)
  • Bottle Cleanser / Detergent (Pigeon, Tolly Joy, tengoklah mana yang sale. hihihihi)
  • Bottle Tongs

  • Breast Pump (I bought Avent Isis IQ Uno. Bagus cumanya dia bulky and heavy untuk handle lama-lama. This time, I nak double pump. Freestyle! Freestyle! jap nak kira duit Nuffnang. Ekekekeke)
  • Breastmilk Storage Containers / Bags
  • Breastmilk Storage Organiser
  • Electric Bottle & Food Warmer (rendam air panas sudahhh)
  • Nursing Tops / Covers (pakai kemeja button depan senang)
  • Nursing Bras (Mothercare is the best for me. For my size, for my frame. Expensive but it worth every penny)
  • Breast / Nursing pads (Pigeon is the best untuk ShilaShower, tapi sighh, mahal sikit from others. Anakku pun ok)
  • Nursing Pillows / Supports (I guna bantal tido tu ajo)
  • Nipple Cream (I guna Earth Mama Angle but many said, Purelan bagus. But above all, the breastmilk itself yang terbaik)
  • Cooler Bag & Cooling Aids (Tskk, dah jual pulak, have to buy a new one nampaknya)

  • Formula Milk Container / Dispenser (sila Go! Go! for breastfeeding. Also a big not to myself. Tq)
  • Thermos Flask
  • Warmer Bag

  • Baby Cot (nasib Kak Nadiah bagi kat Adam dulu. Hehehehe)
  • Playpen / Playard (Optional)
  • Mattress - Latex / Fibre / Foam
  • Mattress Protector / Waterproof Pads
  • Mosquito Nets (wajib!)
  • Bedding Co-ordinates (Cot Bumpers, Fitted Sheets, Comforters, Pillow &a Bolsters)
  • Chest Of Drawers

  • Tops / Pants / Rompers / Sleep Suits
  • Mittens & Booties
  • Thermal Blankets
  • Swaddling Blankets
  • Hats
  • Bibs
  • Baby binders
  • Muslin Squares
  • Wash cloths

Bathing & Grooming:
  • Bath Tub (Adam is using my pink baby bath tub! MINE, sejak tahun 1983. Ha, jangan main-main, harta pusaka ShilaShower tuh. Still elok till today, 2010)
  • Bath Seat / Bath Bed / Bath Net (tak beli sbb tak perlu pun rasanya)
  • Sponges (tangan ibu itu lebih bagus)
  • Toiletries (Baby Bath, Baby Oil/Lotion, Baby Powder etc)
  • Bath Towels
  • Cotton Wool Balls / Swabs
  • Cotton Buds
  • Baby Comb & Brush
  • Baby Nail Clipper / Scissors
  • Bath Thermometer (agak-agak pakai tangan sudah, why have to be so particular? =P )
  • Nasal Aspirator / Cleaner (Important! We used this a lot masa Adam baby)
  • Medicine Dropper / Dispenser (the one from clinic adalah terbaik. RM1 je satu. Ekekekek)

Changing & Diapering:
  • Changing Table (if you have space, then why not?)
  • Changing Mat (highly important)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Disposable Diapers (Mami Poko and Huggies adalah brand pilihan saya)
  • Nappy Liners
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Safety Pins / Nappy Fasteners

Travelling Necessities:
  • Stroller / Pram (sungguh berpuas hati with Peg Perego. You know how airport handles the stroller? Pakai baling, hancur lebur masa dekat Frankfurt. Tapi lepas assemble balik, it works just as great as new! Tahan beban berkilo-kilo. Trust me)
  • Car Seat (Graco Junior Me, also berpuas hati sangat. It looks like new even after a year. Berbaloi)
  • Baby Carrier (Baby Bjorn, steady structure. Unfortunately, Adam outgrown it fast. Tak apa, Adik boleh guna nanti)
  • Nursery Bag With Foldable Changing Mat (foldable changing mat tu penting, macam geli lah nak letak atas changing table yang ada kat nursing room tuh, hihihi)
  • Head & Neck Supports
  • Sunshades
  • Clip on Fan (bagus untuk Malaysia yang panas ni)

Safety & Monitoring:
  • Baby Monitor (tak penting for us, plus it's expensive for our budget. Hihiihi)
  • Baby Thermometer (PENTING!)

  • Nappy / Clothes Detergent
  • Clothes Hangers
  • Laundry Basket
  • Pails

Stimulating Toys:
  • Toys
  • Play Gym / Mat
  • Bouncers / Swings / Rockers
  • Musical Mobiles
  • Rattling Toys
  • Mirror

  • Parenting Books (good to have one)
  • Babycare Books (good to have one)

  • Confinement set (I prefer Amway. Clean packaging, complete and not smelly)
  • Tummy binder
  • Pads (Pureen is good)
  • Socks
  • Nursing Shirts
  • Sarongs

P/S: Tasha, banyak dak barang nak beli?? Kumpui resit, bagi kat CFO Star Imperial. Shila punya, nanti Shila compile bagi CEO. Kuikuikuikui.


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