Breastpump: reviews and opinion needed

Dear fellow mommies,

I'm planning to buy another breast pump but I have no idea on which to go for. I haven't done much research on every available pump in the market but real life experience shared here would be very much appreciated. I've tried to google as much info as I can, but the findings are not satisfying at all. It looks more like a marketing tool when every details describing the pump is canggih.

I want a real life experience and independent review especially on handling the pump. I have all these questions in my mind - is it quite? is it portable? is it lightweight? is it comfort? how the suction? do you need to assemble too many parts to make it works? and a lot more.

Owh anyway, I'm looking for an electric pump ya, tak larat mak nak manual pumping. =P But I don't dare to splurge straight for RM2000 Medela Freestyle because I'm not sure on how my hasil tenusu will be this time, but I really hope a good pump will help at least a bit.

I know, some may ask, "what happened with Avent Isis IQ Uno?" I still have it but the pump is a little bit heavy and bulky, especially when I have to hold it for 15-20 minutes each side. Lenguh gila tangan. Other than that, it works just fine.

It would be good if I can get double electric breast pump but hopefully the price is not as expensive as Medela Freestyle. Ada nggak??

Thanks and regards,

P/S: Laki mak dah caiyok! caiyok! suruh bf nih. Dia kata we should gear up more than what we did before. So yeah, having said that, this breast pump will definitely be on him. Takut nak kena double expense on formula lah tuh. Ekekekekeke. Adam sorang aja dah RM300, kalau kali dua? Boleh beli kereta woh!

P/S/S: Lin, kalau Shila still terkedek-kedek tak berjaya, Shila suruh Kown hire Lin jadi personal lactation counselor je lah. Kuikuikuikuikui. Hands on baru dapat cara betul kot? =P


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