My baby is baby hari raya

Just in case I haven't shared what is my expected due date, it's on 12th September 2010 and that is third day of Raya. I'm hoping that Adik will not come out before EDD, but thinking of Adam who makes his first appearance a week earlier than the given date, is there a possibility of sejarah-mungkin-berulang? Please, I hope not or else there goes my ketupat-lemang-lontong and bla bla bla. What if he says hye di pagi hari raya yang mulia, on the 10th itself? Lagi heckkk!!

Seriously I don't want to have my Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Yang Mulia in a labor room nor suite-bersalin-kelas-satu whatsoever pun. I spent my 26th birthday in PMC labor room last year, so I thought that was it and not any other special date in future. Just imagine my husband in his complete baju melayu suit cheering for his wife who's about to give birth, tak kelakar okeh. Or rakan-rakan sanak saudara melawat dan menikmati lontong dan ketupat segala but all I have to eat is nasi putih sup ikan? Lagi sumpah tak kelakar. Boleh mendatangkan depresi.

*Hurmm, memang pandai laki saya pilih tarikh buat baby. Tahniah*


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