1.6k for a breastpump?

When I first told my husband,

"Abang, nak beli pump baru. Harga RM1660"
*konon tak payah nak berpantun puisi bagai, straight to the point, tapi....*

He gave me this big "GULP!" and looked at me like I have two heads or something. I know, he was shocked by the hefty price tag of this human invention that to be placed on his wifey boobies. He didn't give any definite answer to me; whether it's a yes or no or nanti-fikir-dulu but he showered me with questions. Since then, the issue has been put on hold.

But today, when I was googling for info on Spectra 3, I stumbled upon this website named
Lil Kai Store which offers a plan to its customers who would like to purchase a breastpump via installment. Bukan kutu scheme yer puan-puan but it offers a certain number of months for which you have to settle the amount completely *depends on breastpump of your choice* and the amount is flexible. Or in my case, bajet tak cukup, nak kena 4 kali cash out Nuffnang baru dapat. Hukhukhukhuk...

: : Huuu, duit tak cukup neh. Tunggu cek bulan Jun, bulan Julai belum cash out. Bulan Ogos September belum tahu apa rupa. Tunggu subsidi Mat Kown lah jawabnya : :

RM1660 for Medela Freestyle and that's nearly equal to my Neverfull! Tapi Neverfull tak boleh pump susu, hanya boleh isi botol susu *sobsss* Initially, I thought of settling for Spectra 3 set (RM585 on Lil Kai Store) but knowing that they have this installment plan, why not balik-bertimbang-tara with my husband dulu?

This time, I really want to go serious about breastfeeding and I think I know what is the mistake I've done last time; the reason why I didn't make enough EBM for Adam. I immediately fed him with breastmilk that I expressed earlier rather than keeping those as stocks. Obviously, I missed few sessions of direct feeding everyday kan? *Udah kepala I ni fikir, kalau dah pam, lepas tu Adam nak minum, mana ada susu kat badan. Cik B tu ringan kosong je rasa*

So back to my breastpump story, I think I'm going to give a second thought on this mother of breastpumps. Yes, Freestyle is expensive but come to think it; the time it saves for not having to pump for 20-minutes each side, why not kan? Tu belum kira sakit jiwa pegang Avent yang bulky lagi beratkan? By the time abes pump belah kanan, tangan dah lenguh. Masuk belah kiri, jiwa dah stress. =P *Ok, alasan memang macam-macam bila nak membeli benda baru*

Enough said, I need to do some math before presenting my proposal *for the second time* to Mat Kown. Even if I need to make another round of my "Garage Sale" to fund my Freestyle, I'll do it. Tehehehehe.... :)


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