Akar Fatimah

I believed many of you have heard about Akar Fatimah but maybe not sure on how does it looks like. Yeah, it looks like above pictures. My MIL bought it for me when she went for Umrah last month because this herbal plant can only be found in Mekah *thank you Mama*

For so many years, Akar Fatimah has been used traditionally to expedite labor and to ease the pain too. They said that I have to soak this herbal remedy into a bowl of cold water and to drink the water soluble extracted from the root only when I'm truly in labor. But if I'm not mistaken, all government hospital is strictly against the usage of air-akar-fatimah, is that true?

On top of that, the rate that it takes for the root to full bloom indicates the speed of dilation process. Makcik-makcik kat ofis cakap, kalau dah kembang mekar tu, dah bukak jalan la kononnya. But I have never used it before, so I'm not sure whether the whole story about Akar Fatimah is really a fact or just a myth. Maybe by coincidence it works, but to me it's our body who determines the whole labor process whether it's going to be a quick one or otherwise.


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