Becoming a writer

A book writer. *Sudah, sudah. Berhenti ketawa*

Seriously, do you think I can make it to one? I woke up this morning with a full load of ideas to write a book. Not the karangan-1000-patah-perkataan type of book, but more to a source book of ten (maybe fifteen) important things every first time mommy should know.

Hahahaha. Tiba-tiba jer la nak jadi penulis pulak. I'm thinking of writing a book based on my personal experience, with an input that fit most parents in Malaysia especially on confinement part. Omputih mana pantang-pantangkan? Make it as the simplest guide book yet is rich of information and experience shared.

I've been receiving so many emails and FB messages from first time mothers, with majority of them asking for, "apa yer nak prepare untuk baby? apa yang penting nak beli?" "hospital mana yang bagus?" "pantang nanti nak buat apa?" and all other 1001 questions about preparing things for first baby. So I thought, why not if I look into every arising question, analyse and short list those into 10 most frequently asked matters and compile it into a book?

But yeah, that was just my beautiful idea before reality hits me.

First, on the book publisher. +P

Second, English or BM as a medium? My English adalah kaput sana-sini, still I langgar je tulis, and same goes to Bahasa Melayu formal. Bahasa Melayu pasar tani boleh lah. =P

Third, I don't know the complete process on how to write a book. What is the format needed? Takkan macam tulis belog kot.

On a lighter note, nama pena saya: ShilaShower. Kuikuikuikui...

P/S: Saya nak tulis buku yang warna-warni happy ya-ya, tapi simple yet informative, selling for not more than RM19.90. Possible tak? +P

P/S/S: Image above from iStockphoto


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