Everyone, please meet....

Our second little bundle of joy,

Baby A.H no.2

I have safely delivered our 3.42kg baby boy on 24.08.2010 (5.52pm) via normal delivery. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and well wishes. :)

Adam has yet to meet his little baby brother but insyaallah, they will get to see each other today. I wonder how his first reaction nanti, hihihi...So yeah, two little soldiers means a new set of energy is needed as I can see a lot of running and chasing here and there will happen later. Even my doctor said, "Don't worry, eventually you will kurus on your own" =P

As for now, I'm starting all fresh (like never before) on breastfeeding and alhamdulillah, at least I'm milking. But the toughest part for now is to deal with this uterus contractions that happened quite frequently and it gets intense as I breastfeed my baby. Huhuhuhuhu...... *Semoga cepat kuruslah!*

Will share more about our success story in another entry (it was a long tiring day, born at 37 weeks which I didn't expect that to happen at all, daddy got a little dizzy and his blood pressure went up to 149/99 and a whole lot more....) If not me, then my husband will surely write an entry about it =P So stay tune!


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