Memories from abroad...

I just realized that I have a box full of souvenirs that I bought when travelling abroad. I've been to five countries so far, for which I considered seciput as compared to many of you out there but countless visits to gift shops lead to this precious collection of cute little things. I know that I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on buying souvenirs *which to many people tak berguna pun benda-benda ni* but as for me, every piece reminds me to the country that I visited and yeah, it's the memory that counts.

It treasures the experience that I had in each country and at least I have something tangible to keep than just photos. I'll buy anything that catches my eye; fridge magnets, key chains, shot glasses, mugs, postcards, badges, ceramics and etc but what most important is - it must have the name of the place on it. Except for Bangkok and Pattaya, I didn't buy anything memorable from both places. Mungkin muda remaja lagi masa tu, membazir jer beli souvenirs nih. Hihihihi

Can't wait to move to our own house and I will definitely buy a glass display cabinet to store my not-so-large collection that is simply too cute to be kept in a storage box. And you know what? Collecting souvenirs from abroad is fun, but please don't check the "made-in" label or you'll be disappointed. =P Semua keturunan made-in-China. Hihihihi...

And kalau ada readers dekat oversi yang nak tolong tambah koleksi ShilaShower pun boleh jugakkkk. =P

Never been to any of these places except Thailand, semua orang bagi :)

Akhir kata, sokonglah barangan buatan Malaysia ;)


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