Ayah tells the best bedtime story ever :)

Ayah bedtime stories are best to Adam and Aiman but hilarious to me that it makes me laugh every time I think of it. But let's give my husband some credit on his number one parenting skill: "Putting Kids to Bed". No kidding, my husband is damn good at that. Plus, it's not easy to put our super energetic toddler to sleep nowadays, even if we switch off the light making the room completely dark, still he didn't seem to mind.

But Ayah knows the trick! A bedtime story that he makes up that will inevitably put his son to sleep quickly.

So, yesterday was another night with bedtime story telling by daddy. While he rocked Adam in his lap, he flipped the first page of "Colors in My Garden" and started to tell him story.

And I listened. Well you know, sometimes daddy tends to create this not-so-logic kind of storyline that I worry if the words may confuse our son. Just like when he was telling Adam on things that can be find in Titi Gajah and suddenly came Autobot and Decepticon lintas jalan. Boleh? Esok besar dia tanya mana Autobot and Deception lintas jalan camno? Lembu pun belum tentu ada. Adam picks up things fast ok, his brain is working like a sponge so don't tell him rubbish. ;) By observation, he knows how to apply lipstick. Like that.

Back to the bedtime story,

Ayah: GREEN. G.R.E.E.N. Vegetables are green.

Adam: Niii *Pointing to this tiny weeny ladybird*

Ayah: Oh, ini ladybird.

Adam: Niii *Pointing to hive of bees*

Ayah: Oh, ini bees.

Adam: Niii *Pointing to I don't know what because his daddy replied with this...*

Ayah: Pig-Squirrel.

I was like??? "You said what Abang?"

Ayah: Pig-squirrel.

I'm dead sure there is no squirrel whats more the funny looking pig in that book. *Kerat jari ah, memang konfem tadekk* Because I've been reading the same book to Adam for hundreds of times already, so I am absolutely sure there is no such illustrations even if it's so tiny hiding in the grass. Confirm.

"Mada ada pig and squirrel dalam buku tu"

Ayah: Alaaa, siput panggil apa?


Ayah: Ha snail. Squirrel pulak. Tu tupai. 

Fine, he mistakenly said squirrel but what with pig? And when he showed me the page, sumpah I gelak tak tertahan-tahan lagi.



Direct translation untuk anakanda tersayang. *ROTFLOL*

Tenkiuverymuch husband, you made my day coz I'm still laughing while writing this post. 

So Adam,

It's snail. Not pig. Not squirrel. Not even a mutant pig-snail whatsoever. Kuikuikui...


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