Formspring you!

Eheh, Formspring me tu I kena jawab soalan kan. Meh sini ShilaShower nak Formspring you olls pulak. Ok. Serious. I have questions and can anyone answers these questions I have, please?

How much EBM should I put in a bottle and how many bottles should I give to the babysitter? How to figure out on how much breastmilk that Aiman will need from 7am to 7pm because currently he drinks on every 2 hours.

If let say he takes 6 bottles per day at 3oz for each feeding, waliauweiii, that's equal to 18oz lah! Mak pam baru dapat 4oz both tanks, how meh? 3 kali pam baru 12oz. Do you think that I can catch up with his needs? Current EBM stocks amounting to 110oz and I'm worried if later on, more stocks will be out than in. Eyh, tapi taklah risau tahap kronik, tak elok untuk kesihatan. Cuma ada sikit keraguan munasabah di situ. Hihihi.

Aiman will have to stay with babysitter. *Kesian...Sobbsss* So, since he is a breastfed baby, how and when should I start explaining and teach his babysitter on how to handle the breastmilk? Kena ada testing period hantar Aiman kat babysitter ker? Itu lah, I ada sedikit worry if that makcik tak handle EBM tu betul-betul especially part nak panaskan susu. Takut susu tak warm and Aiman minum susu sejuk, aiyoh. Or maybe I should buy bottle warmer to make feeding session a bit easier?

Let say if I opt to buy a bottle warmer, then which brand will fit MAM bottles nicely?

Hiccups after breastfeeding. Any tips on how to prevent it? Stop tu memang taklah, once it starts, tunggu je lah dia stop sendiri. Maaf, I don't believe on sile-tampal-tisu-basah-di-dahi-bayi-anda because I don't see any logic there. Plus, kalau setiap dua jam dia sedu, wahhh jenuh jugak kerja nak koyak tisu tampal kat dahi okeh.

Mengapa kenapa Aiman Haris suka kumpul susu dalam mulut? Maksudnya, bila dia sudah tertidur, lalu saya mahu mengalihkan dia ke atas tilam, mak aihhhh, melimpah susu dari mulut macam Niagara Falls! Haihhh, tahukan anak bahawa setitik susu itu ibarat emas? Okeh, dia taktau sebab dia baby lagi. But it seems to happen like once or twice a day. +P

So that's all, a total of 5 questions that need to be answered, please. :)

Last but not least, a little something on Adam Haris. My soon to be 18 months toddler is building up his vocabulary wonderfully and the latest word that just came out of his mouth is GIANT! Ok well, it sound Ya-Yen but still it points to GIANT. Bukan Giant Doraemon, tapi his all time favourite logo of GIANT Hypermarket! His catching up more words on his own nampaknya.

And he calls Adik Aiman as Ai-Nam. Or sometimes, Ai-Yam! +P

Here are few short words the he speaks fairly clearly and understandable :)

Va (Wan)
Mak (Mak Tok)
Ainam (Aiman, hihihi)
Jap (sekejap. eyh, kecik-kecik dah pandai hesitate. tak bagus nih)
Vu-ah (Buah)
Nana (Banana)
Bina (Ribena)
Dadah (muahahhaa, ini bukan drugs yer, but sejadah)

And a few more that I can't recall right now. Kira boleh lah sangat for his age kan? =P

Eyh, soalan I kat atas janganlah lupa nak jawab. Hehehehe.

Sama tapi tak serupa, hihihi....


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