On scolding Adam Haris

Today marks the day of me scolding my 17 months old toddler, Adam Haris. Well, I'm a kind of mother who doesn't get angry easily but this time, I have somehow raised my voice and really scold him to the extent that he almost cried and walked away with a very sad face. Almost nangislah, tapi tak pun. Sebek-sebek muka, lepas tu cari Tok Wan nak mengadu nasib.

The reason why?

Because he threw his hari raya shoe and that piece hit Aiman in the face! So that resulted into a poor baby crying out loud in pain for almost 10 minutes and a big brother getting scolded for real! People, it's a walking shoe with rubber cupsole. Berat hokeyyy, bukan pre-walker punya. Sebelum ni kalau marah pun, suara tak high pitch punya, hari ni punya sampai sebek muka mamat neh.

At the end, I feel bad for scolding Adam Haris and worried if he holds it against me. Tapi taklah kot? Well, I have two sons that deserve an equal care and attention from me but I'm worried if Adam feels bad and sad or ever think that Adik has taken away my love from him. Dah dia dok tengok Adik 24/7 melekap kat Mama jer kan, risau jugaklah. So for that, I will try very much to use a diplomatic and warm loving approach in a way to teach him on the rights or wrongs, dos and don'ts and to avoid scolding him too much because he is just a child. Dahtu, kecik-kecik lagi dah jadi Abang, manalah faham kan?

Everything to him is just about learning process. Who knows that the act of throwing shoes is just to test his hand power? Or how far the shoe can go? Or will it break into pieces? There's a lot of possibilites there but I scold him and a tiny bit of yelling too because I was in shock jugak! So saya amatlah risau bab emosi anak nih.

Come to think of it, he probably did that by random without any intention to hurt his baby brother, and little did he know that the shoe will smack right on Aiman face. Sebab sebelum ni Adam tak pernah langsung nak usik Adik ni, dia buat taktau saja. But on second thought, he needs to remember in which situation that I will glare my eyes and raise my voice and he will not get his way when he does thing that is not right. He needs to be responsible for the mistake that he made.

But not long after, I gave him a big hug, trying to show him that Mama still loves you more than everything else in the world. In the same time trying to make him understand that the act he did just now is wrong and totally unacceptable *hurmm, hoping that he will somehow understand* And the moment he walked to me, insisted to sit on my lap and handed over his hardcover "Baby Animals" book and said "Baba, Baba, Baba....", I know that thing is going to be fine.

P/S: Baba tu maksudnya bunyi baby sheep dalam buku dia. ;)


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