Harga rokok dah jadi RM10

Tapi kalau dah nak merokok, tetap lah nak merokok juge. Jangan marah para perokok di luar sana ;) Peace!

Personally, even if the price goes up to RM50 per pack, people will still be smoking but in a different perspective. A small pack of cigarettes will become a luxury item and be seen as a sign of wealth. Possible lah kan?

But well you know, there is this thing called price elasticity and obviously people will not stop smoking all together. They will still buy the item because a pack of cigarettes is considered necessity and very essential to them, tho many of them wish that they had never started. I called it, bahan kelangsungan hidup. Takde rokok hidup tak sempurna. Nevertheless, it is still a good way to prevent someone from start smoking especially teenagers.

Speaking of which, I am not expecting my husband to quit at anytime soon. Why? Because he promised me to stop smoking after our first baby is born, but now that we have a second baby already, everything is just an excuse after one another. -_-" *tidak apalah, bakar duit sendiri juge, Aiman tak kisahhhh...* hihihi

But how? How? I love my husband very dearly and I wish he could be a smoke free person :P However, I don't expect too much from him like to quit entirely from the smoking world that he has been living for years. Form 5 katanya yerr?? Presiden MRSM apa gayanya tu? Tetttt!! Most often than not, people will not stop smoking because someone else asked them to. Pasti ada penipuan bakal berlaku, kan kan kan?? Ini kes kalau yang couple-couple lah selalunya. :P

Anyways, I'll be more than happy if he can reduce the amount that he smoked everyday, gradually. Because I believed that sooner or later the activity will come to an end. Tapi kalau satu batang pun tak kurang, macam mana ni Bangggg??

Owh ya, can anyone tell me what is the logic behind "kalau nak berak, kena hisap rokok". Ala-ala bahan pemangkin usus besar dah jadinya.

Note: Image taken from email forwarded by a friend. Terima kasih tuan pelukis asal :) Because I don't know whom. 


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