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*Kira duit tabung ayam dan baki akaun ShilaShower & Kampeni*

Not sure whether the fund is cukup or not to pay for my keinginan, but I already reserved a place in my closet to this gorgeous Marc Jacobs Rosie Hillier  Hobo. 

What? I promised myself not to buy any new handbags after making the extravagant purchase in Paris? Really?? *Maaflah, otak ni kadang-kadang lupa ingatan*

But I'm still searching for the best price so that I can bring Rosie into the family (of handbags!) soon :) 

Or maybe Rosie Hillier and Turnlock Wallet and Goldie Watch, eyh eyh, dah over pulak. :P

P/S: Mengharap rahmat and rejeki sale hujung tahun di Amerika sana. 


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