Rolling over from back to front?

He has been demonstrating this skill since past few days and it seems like he is trying to roll over from his back to his front. It looks kind of hard, trying to push himself from back to front when most babies start flipping from front to back. Only after they have mastered head control kan?

Or maybe because I rarely put him down on his tummy so he has to stretch himself to the max for only a slight move. *Kesian* Maybe I should help this little man by lying down next to him (on the side that he is about to roll to) and motivate him by gugu-gaga-ing and clapping and smiling. 

Anyhow, which ever way that you are doing it baby, it is perfectly fine.

One thing for sure, rolling over is an early sign that "Mama, I will be mobile very soon!" *So, selamat eksesais to myself*


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