Going crazy over buying things online

Internet shopping made my life easy but help! it is very addictive! Once you pop, you can't stop, like that. The thought of "beli satu saja, nanti rugi bayar shipping cost mahal-mahal" doesn't seem to work here. *Aiyoh! Aiyoh!*

I love shopping *ok fine, who doesn't right?* and I enjoyed strolling the mall, exploring the boutiques and getting my hands on the items but hmphhh, with 2 babies tugging along, shopping can be quite a hassle now. Because it is very unlikely that I will get to enjoy a relax shopping trip when we have to stop for susu and poopoo break in between and sometimes have to deal with poor cranky toddler being locked to his stroller too.

Not to mention the hell lot of effort to get the kids ready as well as to prepare for baby bag so that I won't leave anything important behind. Diapers, wet wipes, extra clothings, changing mat, muslin squares, blanket, hand sanitizer, extra mittens and booties and bla bla bla. *Perfectionist, I know* Maybe I can make it a lot faster if I'm fine with a little less than perfect. Anyway, that's a different matter altogether.

Back to the topic, online shopping is fun just as much as offline shopping does. No, I think it's more. First, it's convenience as you can do it anytime and anywhere, unlike shopping malls where they have specific opening hours kan? Second, you get a quick thrill and excitement browsing things over the internet and receiving parcels by post or courier. Third, you don't have to spend extra hours just to get everyone ready for an outing. And fourth, you might be able to purchase things secretly without your partner knowing it. Hahahaha. Ok jangan, tak baik. But it's true kan? Especially when you get your items shipped to your office address and not to your home address. :P *Sapa pernah buat, angkat tangan!* :P

Speaking of which I am chronically hooked to online shopping and Ebay in particular. I just discovered the excitement of winning bids and it is seriously syok-to-death doing this watching thing on Ebay. Not only Ebay, there are few blogs selling great children toys and games at bargain and I can't help myself from not buying those for my kids. Most of it are Little Tikes items which the original price tag can be super freaking expensive. One of the seller even asked me, "Akak ni nak bukak Taska ker? Kita boleh bagi bundle price" Bahahahahha. Nampak sangat melambak beli kan?

And now I'm waiting more than 10 parcels to arrive, in the same time still doing the bidding-watching job on Ebay :P


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