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Remember the recent post that I shared about this topic "Connected Tot"? The topic about all this darn questions that my nephew asked and about Adam cute self solutions?

So here a short video that I found on YouTube that could actually relates to what Connected Tot is all about :) This is an interactive video whereby you can choose your own answer as shown on the screen (it's clickable people!) and I guess the answer is very much kacang-pis kan?

Ok, as an adult you may say, "Steel and magnet, what's the big deal about it?" But for kids to think and to solve problem by relating things around them, to me, it's a big thing. :) Trust me, most often, you just have to show or to explain things once and later they will be able to learn and to relate it on their own. 

Well, kids nowadays are more creative and smart in doing things and in solving their day to day problems. Plus sometimes they could ask all this darn and really out-of-the-world questions that made you all stumped kan? But of course we should answer them in the most clear and logical way possible and be careful not to dismiss their imagination too.

Adam has yet to talk but I believed, once he starts talking and asking, I will surely be all wrapped up with his amusing-curious set of questions. I really hope that I will be ready by then and not to fall into his little trap of cute questions, malu Mama nanti. :P

Owh by the way, this young Apple user has just taught his grandma on how to use iPad. Like how to unlock it, how play songs on iPod, how to play the puzzle games and how to search for photos. So much of connected brain cells, hehehehehe....

For more info on connected tot, feel free to visit this site; :)


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