Deko-deko office bersama ShilaShower

Very the errrr, orangy red?? Very "Roarrr!!" like that. 

Red and white. Nevermind, red in Chinese culture usually represents good luck. ;)

By the way, this is not my office. Ini office Mat Kown. Kweng kweng kweng!! We were out of ideas masa tu, so we decided to settle with red and white sebab tu jer yang cantik dekat IKEA. :P 

But the room still needs some vibrant touch or something to make it nicer. Plus, he has yet to find a right comfy director chair pun. Mahai-mahai rope nye yerrrr...Basically, room masih in progress. 

And I will make sure that our family picture gets display in the room. On table sebaiknya. So that will remind him *all the time* that he got a wife and two kids to feed. :P

Last but not least, here another poster that I've ordered from Kak Lisha, special for my husband. A custom designed calendar with his name on it. ;)

Plus few other stuff that I plan to buy online. *Tuhla, Malaysia ni kurang benda-benda coolness macam nih*


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