They don't call "Terrible Twos" for nothing

While everyone else been talking about this terrible twos phase, I thought I would get away with it easily with Adam because he was a lalalalala-relax-lah kind of boy. *konon kacanglah!* But little did I know that we are already getting into the phase bit by bit and until one day when he really got on my nerves that I really feel like screaming but hey mommy! control your anger. =____= And it happened more often now. 

Seriously, they don't call "terrible twos" for nothing. *tarik rambut!* 

See what he has done so far and maybe I should expect more of challenging tantrums show lepas nih. -__-
  • Biting things whenever he got angry or dissatisfied over something 
  • Throwing his toys whenever it isn't working right *padahal dia yang tak on the button*
  • Screaming out loud for God knows what 
  • Scratches our arms or sometimes face! *sakit okehhhhhhhhh*
  • Threw his plate of rice and swipe it off the table 

The only one common toddler tantrum that he hasn't do is throwing himself on the floor. 

But at least he is not that wild side and out of control with all sort of kicking, smacking others or even worst, destroy everything that comes to his sight. +____+ So above all, Adam is still in the controllable state except that his temper tantrum flared easily these days. >___Haihh, cepatlah phase out .


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